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Sabrena Allen-Biron’s work is as diverse as the colors on her palette.

As a lover of many aspects of the art world, her career has taken her down numerous roads that have allowed her to utilize her skills of drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, advertising, film and stage production design. Sabrena now puts her classical art training to work on commercial design, production design for feature film, theatrical set design and theme park installations as well as her personal drawings and paintings. 


She has developed a unique style of painting as a tribute to impressionism,

and to her knowledge is unparalleled. This new application simultaneously meshes classic old world styles with a contemporary one that gives the viewer a completely unique experience.

In addition to owning and running her own commercial design firm for years, Sabrena has held many positions in her career as an artist including art director for advertising agencies, teaching at metropolitan museum art schools, production designer for feature films and set designer for theatrical productions.

She has participated in creating various prop and scenic installations for theme parks such as Disney, Sea World, Cirque Du Soleil, Six Flags,

Sea Life and Madame Tussauds.

 Sabrena Allen-Biron was raised on the side of a mountain in the tiny town of New Boston, New Hampshire. She studied at Notre Dame College,  

De Paul University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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